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Since there hasn't been many posts lately, may I present:  The… - We lOoOve Anime [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Oct. 18th, 2006|02:17 am]
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Since there hasn't been many posts lately, may I present: 
The next chapter of my fanfic Gameshow goers: Big Brother

Please read...

Disclaimer: I don’t own Yu-Gi-Oh! or Big Brother.

Japanese translation: Hai = Yes

Who wants to see Bakura loose his temper?…

Chapter 17: ‘Part I: Aftermath’
By Glitnir_Gebo

Day 20:
Once more the evictions were approaching. All housemates were possible candidates for eviction, and the tension was making for entertaining viewing.

“Maybe it’ll be us this time, huh, teddy?” Rebecca sat out in the garden. It was a nice sunny day, but all the housemates, except for Rebecca, wew inside nursing sore hands.

“Big Brother is a bully. You’d think he’d have cut us a break, ay Yug?” Joey muttered.

“But Joey, we were told that if we got any paint on the mirrors we would have to clean it off.” Yugi put in. “An you were pretty trigger-happy.”

“I wasn’t the one who got all the paint on the mirrors though, and you barely touched the paint gun! So why did we have to clean it off?”

“Oh, stop complaining Joey. Everyone else had to clean it up too.” Tea interrupted, picking paint from under her nails. “And most of the paint was on the grass anyway.”


Day 19:
There was paint everywhere.

“If only I were allowed to use my Millennium Ring. This paint would be sent to the Shadow Realm in no time!” Bakura muttered, lugging a bucket of soapy water over to a paint covered mirror.

“Bakura…if the Shadow Realm was covered in paint it wouldn’t be much of a shadow realm.” Said Ryou, dragging another bucket.

“Hold it still, aibou!” cried out Yami, wiping soap bubbles off his face.

“It’s so slippery!” replied Yugi, running after the bubble covered chicken. “Got it!” he cried, when the chicken flapped it’s wings and sprayed bubbles everywhere.

*End Flashback…*

“It still feels good to be rid of all that paint though.” Yugi said, remembering the near-misses. “Hopefully the next task will be something a little less messy.”

“If there is a next task.” Yami replied, worried about being separated from his hikari.

“Just consider yourselves lucky.” Kaiba growled as he walked past. “I can’t take your title of ‘King of Games’ so long as one of us is in here.”

“Lighten up Kaiba.” Tea chipped in.

“You couldn’t beat Yugi, even if you both had your decks here. You have to face the facts sometime, moneybags.” Joey proudly stated. Kaiba swirled his gravity-defying jacket and marched off.

“Bicker, bicker, bicker…” Bakura laughed, his feet hanging over the back of the lounge.

“If I recall correctly,” Marik said, “you were doing quite a bit of bickering yourself yesterday.”

Bakura’s head appeared over the back of the lounge. “I’m a thief! I steal things! I don’t spend hours cleaning paint off mirrors!”

“Yes…I believe it sounded something like that.” Maik snickered.

“U-ru-sei!” Bakura gritted his teeth, his hand moving towards his Millennium Ring.

“Um…Bakura?” Ryou said, fearful. “I don’t think that’s a good idea…” his coaxing brought no result. “…we’re not meant to use the Millennium Items as weapons…”

Bakura just stared furiously at the slightly worried Malik. “Ahh,…control you yami, Ryou…”

“B-but…I can’t!”


“I told you your smart mouth was going to get you sent to the Shadow Realm one day.” Marik said –matter-of-a-factly, comfortably relaxing on one on the lounges. “I just always thought I’d be the one to send you there.”

“You’re just going to let him send me to the Shadow Realm?! You’re the one who provoked him!”

Bakura’s head swirled around to glare at Marik.

“Whoah there! Stop looking at me like that.” Marik waved his Millennium Rod. “Don’t make me save Malik by getting rid of you.”

Bakura’s head swung back around to face Malik.

“B-b-but!” words failed Malik as an evil grin spread on Bakura’s face. “You’ll get kicked out!”

“I think this will be worth it. I can just steal the money anyway.”

And whoosh!

Yugi looked on in shock. His taller half stood next to him with a similar expression.

“He…he actually did it…”

Next Chapter: Chapter 18 – Part II: Return from the Shadow Realm

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The rest of the fanfic can be found here. Should I post this chapter, or isn't it good enough?

[User Picture]From: painterofroses
2006-10-18 10:34 pm (UTC)
thats really good. I like it ^_^
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