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[Nov. 13th, 2006|04:20 am]
~*Ragnarok and Anime Freaks*~



Some random quotes from Yu-Gi-Oh GX I though people might like: 

Avian: What was I thinking!? I didn't want to get married! 
Sparkman: Oh, boy! SparkWoman's never going to forgive me! 
Both: Guy pact! This didn't happen, okay?! 
Burstinatrix: How about you 2 guys get over here right now, or I'll tell the entire deck!?! 

Obelisk Student 2: You're not going anyway, buddy-boy... 
Obelisk Student 3:...Except to Dr.Crowler's office! J
aden: (cries) No! Anyone but him... 
Obelisk Student 1: Okay! We just have to deal with you ourselves then. 
Jaden: Dr.Crowler! Help! Help! 

Jaden: Okay, so if I win, Jasmine's free! 
Jasmine: And if you lose? 
Jaden: What if I lose? (pause) Whoah, didn't think of that.. S

yrus: Jaden! It's awful! Chazz has disappeared! 
Jaden: And that's awful, how? 

Harrington: There's no "I" in "team"! That's the first rule of tennis! 
Jaden: Even when you're playing singles? 
Harrington: Moving on...